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“A Crease In Time” 041

August 27, 2012

In beginning our Maximum Minimum project we initially started out with just simply talking about the project itself. After we had figured out exactly what it was that we were supposed to be doing we went outside to see the location and take pictures of it from many different angles so that we could get the best idea of how we were going to change it.

We then began to individually brainstorm ideas for how we thought the project should be approached. This led into us all talking about our ideas and collectively collaborating and taking bits and pieces from each other’s ideas in order to make the best possible solution.


All of our collaboration directed us to the thematic idea of “Seconds, Minutes, and Hours.” “Seconds” are the areas in which a person would move through space without any interaction whatsoever and thus relatively quickly. For example, a passerby just walking through the walkway or even up/down a set of stairs would represent the “Seconds” portion of our theme. Minutes would be an object that it takes a little longer for a person to travel up and may even have an interaction with someone to cause their traveling to be prolonged even longer. One way to look at the “Minutes” is as a ramp. It takes considerably longer for a person to walk up to a certain elevation through a ramp than it does for a person walking on stairs due to the gradual changes in elevation of the ramp versus the sharp dramatic changes of the stairs. Also there is the possibility of someone stopping and interacting with another person on the stairs and causing the trip to be lengthened. The “Hours” portion of the idea is represented by the destination of the journey. For example, the destination could be a beautiful green space that is large enough for multiple groups of people to gather and converse with each other or it could be the building itself.


                After we had completed all of our collaborating and sketching we started on the computer model. We created a ramp on the east elevation of the building with the intention to create a pathway that goes directly to the second floor of the building. In order to show the changes we made and to display the sections of “seconds, minutes, and hours” we highlighted the different areas. To show the “Seconds” portion we used a solid orange line, for the “Minutes” we used a sprayed orange, and for the “Hours” we used a square that was filled with orange.


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